Development Path
20 03
20 05
Events in June 2005
In June 2005, the company was established, formerly known as Zhangjiagang Xiweiou Cryogenic Equipment Co., Ltd.
20 06
Events in June 2006
In June 2006, Huarui Technology (predecessor of the company), Hanjung CIT of Korea and China, and Huafu of Hong Kong jointly established a Sino-foreign joint venture - Zhangjiagang Hanjung CIT Co., Ltd.
20 07
Events in January 2007
In January 2007, Furui delivered the first batch of LNG semi-trailers in China.
20 07
Events in 2007
In 2007, bulk storage tanks and ISO tank containers were exported to Southeast Asia (Praxair), South Korea, Japan, the United States (Air Products), etc.
20 09
Events in February 2009
In February 2009, Furui cooperated with Norway's Hamworthy to successfully deliver the world's first LNG marine fuel tank.
20 09
Events in June 2009
In June 2009, Furui successfully delivered the first set of mobile LNG skid-mounted refuelling station in China, and successfully completed the national 863 high-tech project.
20 12
Events in April 2012
In April 2012, the first batch of 15 m3 inland marine fuel tanks in China were delivered.
20 12
Events in December 2012
In December 2012, Wärtsilä Finland and Hanjung CIT signed a global strategic cooperation agreement about LNG marine tanks.
20 16
Events in October 2016
In October 2016, the name was changed from Hanjung CIT to Zhangjiagang Furui CIT Co., Ltd.
20 17
Events in March 2017
In March 2017, Furui CIT exported Ghana's large gasification station project (55000Nm3./hour) for power plants and successfully entered the African market.
20 19
Events in November 2019
In 2019, Furui CIT LNG tank container batch (252 units) exported to South America project was successfully delivered.
20 20
Events in August 2020
In August 2020, delivered the world's largest luxury cruise LNG fuel tanks (2320m3 x2).
20 21
Events in December 2020
In December 2021, Furui became the first company of the world to obtain AIP certificate for marine liquid ammonia fuel tank from RINA classification society.
20 22
Events for March 2022
On March 12th 2022, Furui CIT successfully delivered the first marine liquid ammonia fuel tank.
20 22
Events for March 2022
On March 24th 2022, Furui CIT successfully delivered first large vertical LNG marine fuel tank in Asia.
20 22
Events for June 2022
In June 2022, Furui CIT successfully launched semi-automatic production line for cryogenic ISO tank containers, and successfully delivered 400 LNG tank containers to Indonesia and 100 LNG semi-trailers to Nigeria.
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